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:spotlight-left: Welcome to my gallery! :spotlight-right:


Here you can see some of my art. Obviously, not everything I draw winds up here. Gotta' keep some form of quality control. I mostly do traditional drawings, but more recently I've also began working in Photoshop with fully digital art.

More is to come soon! I'm always working on new stuff.



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Aaron Dylan Kearns
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Posting once every full moon since 2011.

In the world of the arts, I am what you could call a jack of all trades. Minus the “master of none” part that is, then it becomes a put-down.

Mostly I am a purely independent filmmaker, depending entirely on my own resources. I was fortunate enough to have a bit of a wit with film editing and I always find work-arounds with certain challenges that meet me behind the scenes. Currently, my biggest achievement is my black comedy short “The Counting Man”. At heart, it’s me going around saying “Look ma’, no hands!”. I do have other flicks planned out though in which it’s the same thing, but with me doing things like jumping over a shark while saying the same quote.

Aside from that, I’m also the individual behind the comic series “The Missed Adventures of Acid Ball & Friends”, a comic that’s essentially my answer to the many questions regarding humanity that are thrown around in the modern world.


I also write a bit. I mostly work on film related essays, but I’m also in for an eerie short story or two sometimes. Most of the stories I write are influenced by the many horror films I’ve seen, going from stuff like “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” to “Vampire Circus”. With the strong horror influence however, my stories never really reach that area. If anything, I’ll mostly refer to my stories as “absurdist fiction”.

The main focus of this account though is my drawings. The only thing I can really say is, if you have the time, to look in the scrapbook. It contains the improvised sketchbook drawings I do at public events (concerts, parties etc). I find that out of all the stuff I do, my sketchbook doodles always wind up being my personal favorites. The nature they have has a certain freedom and liveliness that is hard for me to recreate later on.

Almost forgot to mention, I write music too. It’s all a bit disjointed, but still entertaining.

Now is the time for me to shamelessly promote my other accounts:

My Tumblr Account.
My Twitter Account.
My YouTube Channel.…
My SoundCloud.
My Vimeo Channel:
The only thing that's useful about Kevin McCarthy is the many new Lord Of The Rings locations that he can blurt out while trying to say "Hungary". Peter Jackson can sleep well now knowing that he has new material for the next Hobbit film in which Gandalf holds a cookout.
  • Mood: Dead
  • Listening to: Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen - Santana
  • Watching: The Curse Of The Werewolf

Journal History


Bluto The Brute by eyeodyssey
Bluto The Brute
A drawing I did while talking with a friend on Skype. As could be told, I’m a Bluto fan. He and Wimpy are two of my favorite characters to draw.

Music listened to while drawing:
Epopea - Il Reale Impero Britannico
R.I.B. - Il Reale Impero Britannico
Founders Of The Black Mass by eyeodyssey
Founders Of The Black Mass
Another (Madhouse) Mitchel Hugo and Varnpango related sketch. Like the others, it's meant to be used as a frame for the cartoon I'm making. The background itself is also from the film. Despite looking oddly organic, it's a distorted image I took of a door with engravings on it.
I do have a couple of alternate versions of this drawing that I intend to post later on. One is with a different background and the other is put through a contrast ridden grayscale filter, said filter makes it almost look like an English woodcut print.

Music listened to while drawing:
Paint It Black - The Animals*
Turn To Red - Killing Joke
Autonomous Zone - Killing Joke
Pleasures Of The Flesh - Killing Joke
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
The Great Mouna - Nino Rota
Pin penin - Nino Rota
Ricordo di henriette - Nino Rota

*Side note - The version I listened to was apparently a shortened down 2 minute radio take of the track. I prefer it over the 6 minute studio recording done by the same lineup, the isolated violin usage adds a better tone. To be honest though, the original by the Stones is still the best version.
The Malevolent Officer by eyeodyssey
The Malevolent Officer
Another character of mine, he's meant to be an evil police chief. Doesn't have a name yet though. I based him partly off of Vincent Price's role as Matthew Hopkins in the 1960s horror film "Witchfinder General". For said reason I was thinking of naming him "Wick Frowner Gerald" as a way to reference the movie, but in all honesty that name would make half of the characters that Charles Dickens thought up sound normal.
This drawing (along with others I posted earlier, like "Exorcism of the Devil's Puppet" and "Carry on Screaming") is set to be used in a mixed media film project of sorts. It'll fuse cartoon characters with live action backgrounds and effects, basically acting as a film centric collage of sorts.

Music listened to while drawing:
Pin Penin - Nino Rota
VileMan Sells His Soul by eyeodyssey
VileMan Sells His Soul
The entire idea with the character of VileMan is that he is everything wrong with America. He has as little use for life and peace as our militarized police system does, and he is an android of a human fueled by needless patriotism and commercial branding. Truly an accurate "superhero" for the current capitalist catastrophe that we’re stuck in.

Also, I must note that my uploading two drawings in a row that mock commercialism around the holidays is purely co-incidental.

Music listened to while drawing:
The Wait - Killing Joke
Complications - Killing Joke
Primitive - Killing Joke
CoCo The Marketing Guru by eyeodyssey
CoCo The Marketing Guru
In the spirit of the season, CoCo has lent his little Ballhead soul to commercialism and is now attempting to sell suckers to the general public. Said general public is built up of them.

Music listened to while drawing:
Notturno O Mattutino - Nino Rota
You'd Better Come Home - Petula Clark
My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama - Frank Zappa

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